Sunday, November 1, 2009

Theme Day: Doorways

California Style

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  1. this is a very beautiful front doorway and I lobe the red steps

  2. This is very grand, lovely and beautiful composition!

  3. So neat and tidy looking. when I was growing up in Seattle, Wa.. the lady across the street from us had red shiny steps like that. She dust mopped them every day. We just had old wooden stairs and envied hers. Of course I would probably have to dust them and then I would wish we didn't have them. LOL MB

  4. Oh, perfect -- a lovely California-style stucco bungalow, seen everywhere in the state (I'm from the north; they are there, too.) Red is popular for the stairs, all that is missing is a tile roof! Thanks for the pretty picture and the memories.

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  5. Just like a picture book :) Nice composition too!


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