Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not A Happy Camper

My poor little Wilson. He has an ulcer on his eye, his only eye. Yesterday we saw veterinary ophthalmologist. She performed a procedure called debridement. He has to wear this e-collar so he doesn't scratch his eye, and gets drops and ointment regularly throughout the day. Hopefully it will heal in a week so he won't need a more invasive treatment. Breaks my heart.


  1. I hope Wilson feels better soon. The poor guy. He looks so sweet sleeping on the pink rug.

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  2. aawww poor Wilson. Wishing him a fast recovery. :) He looks pretty comfy lounging and sun tanning!!

  3. My hopes that Wilson recovers soon! Poor guy... I'm glad he has a safe place to recover.

  4. Poor, poor little guy! He may not feel good but I bet the fluffy pink rug and the warm sun look good. I do hope the procedure is successful. We got Amy an inflatable collar so she couldn't reach her cheek when she had a sore spot. He hated that too but it seemed a bit more comfy than a cone.

  5. Aw, my buddy Wilsy! I hope he's feeling better real soon. Btw, tell him that the halo is not a good fashion statement!

  6. Thank you so much for your comments, well wishes and suggestions. I'll keep you posted.


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