Friday, November 13, 2009

Skywatch Friday - 16th Street and Walker Ave.

Wilson and I were walking, as we usually do, east down 16th Street. But we usually walk in the morning. As we crossed the street to walk up Walker, the colorful western sky was a real surprise. And I almost passed on bringing my camera...

Happy Skywatching to my neighbors near and far. Visit them here.


  1. I never go out without a camera. I have a big one that's not always easy to carry, so when that's not practical I take the pocket-sized one.

    I checked out Paris Breakfasts, which is insane! Now you must see Besides the fact that she's insanely talented, she's charming, too.

  2. Hi Lori Lynn!

    I, too, just posted a photo that I took last evening of the breath taking sunset! Then I just saw your post! Great shot!

  3. Amazing sky, you'd think it was lit by an alien spaceship hiding in the clouds.

  4. Love the pinks and blues, beautiful skywatch photo.

  5. What a beautifully framed shot - the sunset highlighting an all-American house complete with flagpole and yellow fire hydrant.


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