Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank You

I don't think I have expressed my appreciation lately.
It is an absolute pleasure to have you stop by San Pedro Daily Photo. 
Thank you so much. You make my day.
Coffee anyone?

Lori Lynn
P.S. If the photo of the non-fat chocolate latte looks odd to you, just know that I'm left-handed.


  1. I love this photo!!! The simplicity and elegance of it. Sweet sentiment too (pun intended).

  2. this looks delightful!
    & not odd at all.

  3. Wow..... a very nice cup of coffee.!
    Nice shot!

  4. During my restaurant days, I remember impressing "lefties" when I would place their coffee cup handle on the left - for easy access. Do you find that servers, if they notice that you're a leftie, still do that?

    Nice expression of appreciation, LL. I haven't done anything like this on my blog, yet. But, everytime I open my email I am honored that such nice people take the time to visit me and read what I have to say...and then go even further by commenting!


So nice to hear from you!

Warm regards,
Lori Lynn