Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're Headed To Cabrillo Beach... join Romee on her walk out to the Fishing Pier!

I've been following Romee's blog since she began in August. Here's a link to her first post and her blog philosophy. Wilson and I walk the blocks of San Pedro almost every day. But we usually stick to certain areas like Averill Park, Paseo Del Mar, Friendship Park, Cabrillo Beach, South Shores, Royal Palms, 22nd Street Park, Harbor Avenue and the Port. Romee on the other hand had this brilliant idea to cover the entire town by foot. Every. Single. Block. And take awesome photos, document it daily and share lots of interesting information about our town. She even has a section on local restaurants called San Pedro Bite by Bite. If you are looking for an expert on San Pedro - a historian, an aficionado, you will find that in Romee and her blog! It was my pleasure (and Wilson's) to get to know her and join her on two of her walks! We'll be there on June 6 at noon at Cabrillo Beach when she completes her goal of covering all of San Pedro with a final walk down to the end of the Fishing Pier. Romee says, "I was telling someone about my plan to have the weenie roast at the beach to celebrate the end of SPBXB. I want to get everyone who comes to walk to the end of the pier with me as a group, but then this someone likened it to Forrest Gump’s cross country run. So if you want to get your Forrest on with me at the pier, eat some hot dogs and win some prizes then come on down to Cabrillo Beach Sunday June 6th at noon." (more here) Congrats Romee! You ROCK @ San Pedro Block by Block!

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  1. This is so cool. I have to see what she posted today.


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