Friday, June 18, 2010

SkyWatch Friday - June Gloom

June Gloom over San Pedro

June Gloom is a Southern California term for a weather pattern that results in overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer in the mornings and afternoons.

An offshore marine layer of stratus or stratocumulus clouds are persistent year-round off the coast. In June they move ashore and create the cloudy, cool effect on land.

Early mornings during this period are typically foggy, with an occasional drizzle. The fog turns to low clouds by late morning and early afternoon. Finally, by afternoon, solar heating is sufficient to evaporate the clouds. Often the overcast will evaporate ("burn off") quickly in inland areas, but will linger most of the day along the coast. (from wikipedia here)

June Gloom at the Entrance to the Port of LA

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  1. It demonstrates its name well! Still being close to the sea has to have it's lovely benefits.


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