Sunday, June 13, 2010

Becoming A Lady

The Quinceañera, Quinceañero, or Quince años ("fifteen years" in English), in Latin American culture, is a coming of age ceremony held on a girl's fifteenth birthday. The term Quinceaños refers to the birthday of the celebrant, and the term Quinceañera refers to the celebrant herself. Like many other coming-of-age ceremonies, the Quinceaños is associated with the Quinceañera "becoming a lady."

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  1. It's interesting how different cultures specify different ages for 'becoming a lady.' I've heard of 'sweet sixteen' and our own debut is at 18.

    Your first photo of her made me smile — still very much a child, don't you think? ;)

    Love the huge old tree too.

  2. Thanks TB!
    Hi Hilda - yes, straddling both worlds. Makes me smile too.


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