Friday, October 30, 2009

Skywatch Friday - Brigantine Irving Johnson

In sailing, a brigantine is a vessel with two masts, only the forward of which is square rigged.

The twin brigantines Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson are the flagships of the Los Angeles Maritime Institute's (LAMI) TopSail Youth program, a non-profit organization created as a character building organization to help at risk youth prepare for life through the discipline and teamwork required to safely handle a tall ship. They join LAMI's topsail schooners the Swift of Ipswich and the Bill of Rights in introducing youths to the subtle but profound influence presented by the sea.

Named for sail training pioneers Irving and Electa "Exy" Johnson, the brigantines take on a proud history initiated by their namesakes. Seven time veteran circumnavigators of the world on board two different boats both named Yankee, each trip with a new crew of boys and girls armed only with a sense of adventure and curiosity. For 25 years beginning in the late 1930s, Irving and Exy did what was thought impossible, and lived a life now legendary. (more from wikipedia here)

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  1. it is gorgeous! Such a wonderful cause too. I remember a ship that was being built there about 8 yrs ago - when I saw it, it was just framing, upside down. Do you think this is it?

  2. This is beautiful. I like the reflection almost as much as the original picture.

  3. A really nice ship and it is good to see that these young people get to try this great adventure.

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