Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coffee & Bougainvillea

My backyard this morning. 80°
Now that's quite a change from our recent stormy weather!


  1. Oh, so nice! Such an inviting photo. Can I bring the coffee to share? :-)

  2. Your yard is so inviting , perhaps a Pumpkin Muffin would go well with that coffee?
    Yes that rain Wednesday was just a tease! We were in the high 90s out in Corona today,not very Autumn-y at all.
    BTW Wilson is a charming little fellow!
    Thanks for sharing with us on SWF !

  3. I have not have my first cup of coffeee, but here it is too cold to take that outside.....
    That looks very nice. Enjoy it,- and the rest of the weekend!:-)

  4. Sorry, I can see that it should have been "had" not "have".....etc.
    I can`t think in English before my coffee......

  5. Hi Brenda, Sure! Stop by anytime!

    Hi uberrhund - pumpkin muffin? Perfect!

    Hi Gunn - no worries. Hope it's not too cold there.


  6. A cozy little place, indeed. It looks like a good place for an afternoon nap, too (if it's not too hot). I agree with the comment from uberrhund about Wilsom- might I just add that we would like to see more of him on SPDP.

  7. I'm so upset I waited till Sunday evening to look at this... I'd of been knocking at your door or maybe just jumping the fence.
    Very cozy, pretty, and inviting.


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