Friday, March 12, 2010

Walking with Romee

Wilson Walking Today
Photo with Tenin Technique

Today, Wilson and I had the distinct honor of walking several blocks of our neighborhood in San Pedro with Romee!

Romee is walking every single block of this town and documenting it on her fabulous and unique blog: San Pedro Block By Block. It was my absolute pleasure to spend the morning walking and talking with her about San Pedro. Please stop by Romee's blog for a fresh and insightful perspective about our wonderful town! You'll be hooked too.


  1. I had SO much fun on our walk! I couldn't shut up about it the rest of the day. Thank you so much for walking with me and showing me your neighborhood and your beautiful home. I look forward to more walks in the future!

    I LOVE this picture of Wilson in the Tenin Technique! I didn't even notice him walk in front of you right then.

  2. One happy Wilson!! Thanks for sharing Romee's blog, too.

  3. Hi! Just ran across your blog, and am enjoying the pix. I grew up in SP and lived most of my life sort of across the street from Averil Park in the brick house on LeGrande Terr. It's always interesting to see how things have changed.


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