Friday, February 26, 2010

SkyWatch Friday - Sunrise Video

40 second panorama of sunrise from my deck this past Wednesday morning.
I love the sounds of the birds chirping.

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  1. Wonderful. And I'm guessing you can see both sunrise and sunset from that deck. Our sun is so far in the south at this time of year. Do you see sunrise to your left and sunset to your right?

  2. Hi Trea -this panorama is 140°SE spanning to 30°NE, I used my iphone compass app for that. Cool!

    The full view spans from 170°S to 300°NW, so we miss the sunsets from this deck. But I can't complain about the views of the sunrise! And I am almost always awake for them.

  3. You know the degrees and you're up to see the sunrise. I'm impressed!


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