Monday, January 11, 2010

French Black Winter Truffle GIVEAWAY!

The wonderful folks at Gourmet Attitude have generously offered Taste With The Eyes the opportunity to host a GIVEAWAY of one French Black Winter Truffle! Merci Beaucoup! It is intensely fragrant and the most cherished of them all, the Queen of French Truffles, Tuber melanosporum, also known as the Périgord Truffle.

Fresh Black Winter Truffle
Tuber melanosporum vittadini
  • Available: December to March
  • Shape: more or less round. size varies from an hazelnut to an orange, typically 2 to 3 oz.
  • Skin: small pyramid shaped warts, black with sometimes dark brown patches
  • Flesh: first white, then gray and eventually black at maturity with a hint of purple and with distinctive white veins, crunchy and soft
  • Perfume: intense, wet forest, humus, chocolate, hint of hazelnut

To my friends and followers of San Pedro Daily Photo, I couldn't let you miss out on the opportunity to win a French Black Truffle, please come by my other blog, Taste With The Eyes, and join in the chance to win "earth's black diamond!"

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  1. GORGEOUS photo! My gosh, good enough to eat!
    I'm afraid a truffle would be totally wasted on me...I'm going to stop by Whole Foods though for some of the wine infused REAL cheese spread, also a blue cheese one...did you try those at all? Really yummy...I'm not buying any since I'd eat the whole thing before reaching home.


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