Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tree at Western Ave. and 9th Street

I post this Christmas tree in honor of my San Pedro neighbor "My Persian Kitchen" and thank her for her comment on Thursday's photo: 
"I love the HUGE Christmas tree they have decorated with the ginourmous presents underneath! It looks so pretty at night all lit up!"

Happy Holidays!


  1. A great BIG tree indeed.
    A couple of years ago, we were sort of ambivalent on getting a tree and then I decided to get one on Christmas eve. The only place near & far that still had trees was the Beacon House and it was big & really inexpensive.

  2. PS - I'm back from Florida & will post some photos of the trip on Please visit if you have a chance. Lots of pretty sights out there...the weather was so similar to ours this time of the year and yet everything looks different.

  3. What a great tree. There must be several thousand lights on it.

  4. LL you are the best!!! That's an awesome picture!!!! You my friend are a talented photographer!!

  5. I've never seen a tree with so many lights and such HUGE gifts!


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