Saturday, August 22, 2009

View from a Garage Roof

Not a bad place to sit and watch the non-stop Port activities.

The Port encompasses 7500 acres, 43 miles of waterfront and features 27 cargo terminals, including dry and liquid bulk, container, breakbulk, automobile and omni facilities. Combined, these terminals handle almost 190 million metric revenue tons of cargo annually. Last year, the Port moved an impressive 8.5 million TEUs, establishing a new national container record once again. The Port is also home to the nation's most secure cruise passenger complex, the World Cruise Center. (from The Port of Los Angeles website)


  1. I'm always impressed by the view of the port from the hillside. My friend L. who lives nearby is a longshore(wo)man - it's a tough job but a good living.

  2. Interesting shot. I'd like to fill that chair, however.

  3. That port is a big deal. One of the biggest in the world, is it not? Quite a view.


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