Friday, May 1, 2009

Theme Day: Shadows

Jacaranda Shadow at Averill Park

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  1. Very nice theme day photo. When living in Fort Lauderdale, I often played golf at Jacaranda Golf Course, which, of course, contained many Jacaranda trees.

  2. Your Jacaranda is so full and lush. Ours are very spotty with color then, poof, the color is gone.

  3. A favourite spring tree (always featured in Sydney Daily Photo in november of course)

  4. Nice photo! Are you new to CDP? I've taking some photos of San Pedro and using them as part of my

    I don't realize that you were posting photos from San Pedro. I have some older posts of the fountains and the port. I've been posting since last year.
    I'm excited to have found your blog since there are so many great things to show about S.P.


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