Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Common Wood Sorrel "Shamrock"

Common Wood Sorrel is a plant from the genus Oxalis. It is sometimes referred to as a shamrock due to its three-leaf clover-like motif, and given as a gift on St. Patrick's Day.   from Wikipedia

Happy St. Paddy's Day!


  1. Thanks for that little plant tidbit of information! See I learn a something new every time I visit an interesting blog :) Pretty picture! Hope you enjoy your St. Patrick's Day!

  2. A very tender and pretty post for St. Patrick's. I definitely also learned something. Again, it is such a lovely picture.

    Sorry to cut in on San Pedro with the strawberry stand. After I asked if I could take a photo, the man asked me "What for?" and I told him for a web site, & he said "when will it be on", so I said on Monday & then I felt I had to.

  3. HI september mom - thanks and hope you had a fun St. Paddy's day!

    Tash - oh no! You are absolutely not cutting in on San Pedro! Mi cuidad es su cuidad! I think it is fun that we find some of the same photo topics interesting!

  4. Gorgeous. I have some of these springing in my garden too!


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