Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Blooms, The Orchid Tree

Bauhinia variegata

This is a hoot! Bill B. of Fort Lauderdale Daily Photo took the same shot of an orchid tree, but on the East Coast! I stumbled upon it while browsing City Daily Photo. Take a look!


  1. Amazing two blog posts only 3 days apart.

  2. LL, Congratulations on your new blog! I know it'll be as big a hit as "Taste with the Eyes". Your photographic eye keeps getting better and better.

  3. Love the shots. Your soil must be different than ours. Your trees look more lush. Our soil is sandy and highly alkaline. Regardless, let's do some more "coincidence" comparisons. Do you have any Passion Flowers? check out my site when you get a chance.

    Best to you...


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